Putting Learning To Use

By Jeremy McDonald


CORVALLIS, Ore.–  After spending most of June on the practice field learning the ways of Rand Nyquist’s system, the Stayton Football Team put to use some of the plays on both sides of the ball to good use against Corvallis High School Wednesday morning.

As the 7-on-7 progressed, you saw good connections offensively and good coverage’s defensively with kids flying around, but with it being the first time out, there’s some bumps and bruises along the way that they can learn from with July on the horizon to improve upon.

“We’re still coming together, but we’re doing just fine, we got some bumps in the roads,”  said Jerry Daniels.  “We’re still getting a couple of things together, learning these plays and stuff; but it’ll all come once we get it down.”

“It’s really helpful because we got kids learning other positions other than learning one position,” adds Daniels.  “So we got multiple players doing multiple things.”

Daniels himself had one of the two really nice Stayton Eagle plays with a Spartan on his arm as he went up for a touchdown reception from Aidan Hill.

“Oh it’s highlight reel, I wish that was recorded,” smiled Daniels.  “It wasn’t that bad, it was like one-arm on the shoulder, that was it.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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