McKay Finishes Up Team Camp With 7-On-7

By Jeremy McDonald

INDEPENDENCE, Ore.–  With camp wrapping up Friday morning as the Oregon Heat Wave arriving that day, ‘Camp Week’-ended with a nice little 7-on-7 Saturday morning at Central High School with the Panthers as McKay find themselves in better positioning in using the summer to get better than they were this time last year.

“Camp went really good, espically since last year we had to start ours really late so we weren’t really familiar with the playbook but starting camp as early as we did, we got a chance to learn the plays better and expand more on our knowledge on the game with our offense and our defense, starting so early,” said Jovi Davis.

“But after our 7-on-7, it looks like we have a lot to work on.  Start to throw the ball a little bit more out with our receivers, we had a couple drop balls that shouldn’t be dropped.  Other than that, it’s just another chance to get better.”

Throughout the week and even Saturday morning in Independence, you could tell that this team was able to blend together and already meshing well with another just barely a few weeks into summer training


“Our team chemistry is pretty good, with my class, the upcoming seniors, our chemistry is pretty good but we need to step up and help out the younger kids, come with us with our change so when the season comes, we’ll go from there,” said Jamer Sliva, the Scots Linebacker and Tight End.

McKay’s Team Chemistry was visible as they support teammates and gave each other hard times in the process as well (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Davis took all of the snaps Saturday morning with fellow soon-to-be-senior Ryan Bangs at Basketball Team Camp in Gonzaga with the Scots looking to fill the shoes of Noah Tavera at the QB1 position, a tall task nonetheless as Tavera had his own speical blend of talents than Bangs and Davis.

But it’ll surely be interesting to see the summertime battle.


“To replace Noah is hard because he’s an all-around athlete and everything, but for the summer going on,  me and Ryan are both really competitive when it comes to the position,” starts Davis.  “Since freshman year coming in, we’ve always been competitive in the good ways, making each other better.

“Sophomore year, they couldn’t figure it out, so we ended up sharing the games.  But as of right now, I have no idea who’s going to be the starter just because of we’re good in our own different ways, so it’s just going to be going down to the last week before the first game.”

Davis is very similar to Tavera in playing style and would scramble to make a play happen, while Bangs is more pocket presence to find the open receiver or throw it away and will only run if need-be.

Davis winds up to throw as the soon-to-be-senior took all the snaps Saturday morning at Central (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Also, with a bunch of senior leadership leaving from the 2016 team that help found McKay in a bunch of games last year in Matt Jarding, Manny Miranda, and Tavera to name a few; it is important for the current wave of seniors like a Davis, a Bangs, a Silva to step in and fill those shoes entering 2017.

“I feel like it’s a big role, but last season, our whole offense was juniors,” said Sliva.  “So it’s not really that much of a change coming up for our offense, but defense it’s a big change, with had Mr. Back-to-Back first-team All-League Linebacker Jarding, but we have a couple of our juniors stepping up as a result.

“Johnnie (Mentado) stepping up, he does a really good job giving the hit stick.  We’re looking good so far, but just wait until September 1st.”

The summer is just starting, but it’ll be interesting to see how the 2017 Scots build from here.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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